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Maxman Male Enhancement Coffee

Maxman Male Enhancement Coffee

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There are many different kinds of Male Enhancement products such as pills, capsules, spray, coffee and tea. Compared with other kinds of Male Enhancement products, the Maxman Coffee has less side effects and also more safe to take. Maxman Coffee can be drinked with warm boiling water in the morning after breakfast everyday. The Maxman Male Enhancement Coffee can make you energetic wholeday and also increase the sex desire and also prolong sex time for more than 15 mins.

The main function for the Maxman Coffee:
1. Maxman Coffee can make the users to get better sex stamina and also prolong sex time for more than 15 mins.
2. It is better to take the Maxman Coffee in the morning for daily care or take it 15 minutes before sex intercourse, and it will make you to get larger penis size soon.
3. Maxman Male Enhancement Coffee can make the users to prolong the sex time for more than 15 mins.
4. Maxman Coffee do not have very strong effect as the pills and capsules which will be suitable for the ED group, and it will not bring any side effects to the body.

[Component]100% coffee, kidney and reinforcing grass, xylitol, oil dust.

[Health] activates the sponge, nutritional supplements, elimination of fatigue, more powerful secondary erectile dysfunction impotence, premature, but not strong people of all kinds and on benign prostatic hyperplasia, with good results.

[Usage and use level] this product package to about 120 ml of boiling water stirring room 30 minutes ago

[Date] package, as shown in the figure

[Shelf life of 24 months

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